Permanent Temporality (Tim Peeters, agence ZUS : zones urbaines sensibles)


Profession du conférencier : architecte / philosophe

Mots clés : ville, urbanisme, Rotterdam, programmation urbaine

ZUS proposes a radically new way of making a city: permanent temporality. This strategy is formed around an urban reality of values, material and people; a philosophy based on the past and oriented towards the future. It is a view on urban design that links temporary interventions to long-term thinking. The internationally acclaimed Luchtsingel and Schieblock projects are successful examples, for which ZUS received the Berlin Urban Intervention Award and the Rotterdam Architecture Award, this inspiring way of making city is part of the process of 15 years of work in the urban laboratory that is Rotterdam.

Durée de l’introduction : 2min 55s

Durée de la conférences : 1h 17min 28s

Durée des questions : 27 min (de 0h50 à 1h:17)

Langue : anglais


Format du fichier : MP4 (h264, 1280×720)

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